Smartorder Benefits

Smartorder benefits at a glance.

When looking for an online order system you have lots of things to consider. Check out our benefits and compare.

Customizable Menu
Theme your menu to suite your business. Customized graphics and colour scheme.

Facebook Ordering
Maximize your social media reach with Facebook ordering. Your customers won’t have to search for your site again as your app is loaded right into their bookmarks.

Designed for Food
You know your online store is not the same as a store selling bar stools. Smartorder is designed for the food industry. You like to offer options and why should that be complicated for your customers?

Bundled web-app instantly
Should you chose you can have your own installable web-app for use on Smartphones such as Android or iPhone. Don’t ignore the statistics you need an app!

Provide instant feedback
When an order comes in you can accept, reject or offer an alternative pick-up time right at the printer. Your choice is sent back to you customer instantly via SMS.

Multiple delivery options
If it’s not practical to have a printer where you are, maybe your a mobile coffee vendor. You can have orders sent to your Smartphone or email with SMS alerts.

You don’t need a POS, internet connection or even a computer to accept orders. All you need is our printer and low monthly access fee.

No limits menu
Update and edit your menu any time with unlimited products.

No percentage cuts
One flat monthly fee +sms is all you pay.

Smartorder is the fastest way for your customers to place an order.

Your own website
Don’t currently have a website? No problem! We will assign you your own site If you already have a site we can supply you the code to redirect your customers instantly to your store, mobile or regular computer.

Registration free ordering
Everyone hates to register, just another password to remember. If you chose you can remove registration from the process making it super easy to place an order. If you want registration you can be secured with SMS validation.

Menu Preloaded
To make sure you hit the ground running we will load up your menu free and launch when your ready.

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