Facebook Ordering

Facebook Ordering.

We have been busy working away in the lab and I think you’ll be happy with what we have conjured up. Facebook ordering offers more than just another place for your customers to place an order, it also opens up avenues to hundreds of other prospective customers.

How does it work?

We build and install your own Facebook app for ordering. The menu is identical to your current easy to use desktop version. Offer the link to your customers via Facebook or email and once your customer approves the app it is added to their shortcut menu.

What are the benefits

Your menu is installed on your customers bookmarks for easy reference. One quick click and your menu is available. Once an order is placed it is posted on the customers time line with a direct link to your menu. All your customers friends are immediately notified of your customers order. They could then install your app and place an order then informing all their friends of the order. Effectively your customer placing an order is endorsing your product and then telling all their friends. For privacy the contents of the order is not displayed.

The post above is an example of a typical timeline post. Joe’s Takeaways is our demo site. The links above connect directly to your facebook menu. The description can be personalized to what ever you like to motivate customers. Also as an option you can ‘like lock’ your menu forcing customers to like your fan page before ordering.

Try it for yourself!

We have a sample app for you to try. Just follow this link Joe Takeaway demo site and give it a go.

What you should know.

The app needs to be verified by facebook prior to operation this can take up to two weeks from application. You don’t need a facebook fanpage but we thoroughly recommend it to get the most out of the app. Visit our demo fanpage here to see how your customers will interact with your fan page.

Mobile users will also have the app loaded on their bookmarks, this will point Mobile users to your smartphone optimised web app!


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