Printerless Smartorder

The Smartorder printer is a great solution for a noisy environment or if you have lots of casual staff. But if your a Lone Ranger trying to make a crust a Smartorder printer might be a bit more than what you need. So we now proudly offer Printerless Smartorder.

What the?

Printerless Smartorder is exactly that, Smartorder without a printer. All orders are sent to your Smartphone or web interface whatever takes your fancy. You have exactly the same functionality as the printer except no receipt.

How does it work?

Orders are alerted to you via email or as an option you can select to have an SMS sent to your phone the instant an order is placed. Standard SMS rates apply so to cut costs you could have a super loud email notification on your phone. Once you have been notified login to either your mobile web app or desktop web interface and accept, reject or offer a new pick-up time.

Logging into your own site will reveal the Manage tab, selecting this will display your currently registered sites with a counter displaying orders waiting to be be accepted The app supports multiple sites.

Waiting orders are listed and you can chose to Accept, Reject or Alter the pick-up time. Operation is seamless and exactly the same as a Smartorder printer.

Web manager will reveal the extra options to set each orders status.

What else you should know.

Printerless Smartorder is an option and current user will not be able to view any of the screens above. You can run this service in conjunction with a Smartorder printer.  The SMS alert only alerts of an incoming order, it does not contain the order itself as this could involve multiple SMS and cost to you.  Price is TBC.


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